What are the Different Types of Bedsheets Fabric

By | October 17, 2012

Bedsheets give an aesthetic beauty and also makeover of the bed. Different bedsheets are suitable in different weather conditions. While considering a bedsheets, fabric is an ideal factor to check for. A good fabric bedsheet makes you sleep comfortably at night. Some of the types of bedsheets fabrics and their varying characteristics are explained below:

Combed cotton bedsheets: Combed cotton is that cotton which is smooth and soft because of the shorter fibers and any impurities in the material are manually removed.

Egyptian Cotton: Egyptian cotton mostly grows along the Nile river. It is a type of long staple cotton. It is known as the world’s highest bedding fabric cotton. Egyptian bedsheets have a high thread count and is more luxurious than any other fiber.

It is made by a blend of cotton and other fibers. Quality is often measured in ounces of the fabric per square yard. Bedsheets of flannel fabric are popular for keeping us warm.

Pima Cotton bedsheets:
Pima cotton is made from soft cotton grown in Pima, Arizona, U.S. 100% Pima cotton fabric usually has a thread count of 200-300.

Satin: It is type of woven of knit sheets. These are extremely smooth, silky and shiny. It is a weave of different materials like wool, cottons, acetate, polyester, silk etc.

Silk fiber bedsheets: They are very delicate and can easily tear. Silk threads are longer than any other fabric. Silk fabric is measured in “momme weight” rather than thread count.

Bedsheets are laid on the bed which makes a bed room look beautiful wonderful. They are available in different prints and patterns. You can determine the best fabric by knowing the characteristics of each fabric and solely pick out a suitable bedsheets.