Know About the Difference between Native Apps and Web Apps

By | September 13, 2012

A native app is an application program that is developed to run on a specific platform or device. Contrast to this, a web app is designed to access over a network such as internet or intranet with the help of a browser. A native application responds more quickly than a web application because it is installed on a device and the interface is more direct.

Web apps require greater loading times than native apps. Web apps are coded in browser rendered language such as HTML combined with JavaScript. Web apps can be adapted to a wide range of devices, the code to build a website is developed by html, css and JavaScript. It speeds up the development time. The same code can work on different platforms and devices. It is difficult to create a web app when there is no data connection available. Some complicated projects such as games are well suited for native apps. To create native applications on mobile devices one can use majority of native features such as GPS, camera, contacts, accelerometer, etc.