Know About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Application Software

By | September 13, 2012

Application software consists of pre-written computer programs that allow the computer to perform the tasks given by the user. It is designed with a specific purpose for the use of businesses and individuals.

The advantages of application Software are:

  • The application software packages are written by software specialists and are of great quality.
  • They are immediately available and generally cheaper when compared with other bespoke packages.
  • They can be used in most of the organizations.
  • The updated versions of software are available regularly.
  • It saves time and money of the organization since it doesn’t require the staff members to develop, write and test the programs.
  • Licensed application software gets regular updates from developer for the purpose of maintaining security. The developer also sends personnel from time to time if any problem occurs and corrects them.
  • In the case of customer made application software the threat of incorporating viruses is very less. The businesses can restrict the access of virus to areas when detected and can also protect the network.

The disadvantages of application software are:

  • The application software that is designed to meet for a specific purpose will be costly for the developers to develop. This affects their budget and revenue and time if the developed software is not generally accepted.
  • The software designed for a specific purpose, say businesses, may not be compatible with other general application software.
  • The software must be developed according to the requirements of the customer – which requires a lot of time and due to this there might be a delay in production process.

Though there are few disadvantages of application software, the advantages of application software outweigh their disadvantages.