Difference Between Curtains and Drapes

By | July 2, 2012

A curtain is a piece of cloth used to obscure light, water in the case of a shower curtain. Sometimes these curtains are known as drapes. The cloth which hung over the windows are curtains and drapes. The cloth which hung over the doorways are known as portieres.

Many people are confused about curtains and drapes. Actually curtains and drapes are made for the same purpose that is for covering the windows. Many use the terms curtains and drapes synonymously but there are some differences between the drapes and curtains that are mentioned as follows.

Curtains are made of lightweight material, unlined and looks semi-formal or casual. These curtains used for above your kitchen sink, in the bathroom or any less formal place in your house. Most of the curtains are inexpensive because of its cheap and thin fabric which makes partially transparent. These curtains can be designed using laces, curtsey, tab tops, and might even have appliques, ruffles etc,. You can make the curtains in the sizes of floor-length or short that can cover the window. Whenever you add linings to these curtains, it looks like drapes. So, we can conclude that curtains are informal and it can be easily made. These curtains are not used as matter of formality.

Drapes are made of heavy material, lined, possibly pinch pleated, usually floor to ceiling and appear in formal looking. These drapes are mostly used in living rooms and bedrooms because the y provide privacy, block light coming from outside and act as an insulator. Drapes are very expensive because the fabric used in making drapes is of good quality. Some drapes are designed to open and close with the use of a cord. There are much patterns available in the drapes.

However, you can use these two different types of window coverings together in your home to improve overall appearance of a home’s interior.