Requirement for fish to survive in aquarium?

By | May 19, 2012

People who wants to keep fish as a pet in their homes should know the basic requirements for fish to survive in an aquarium. Before purchasing the fish, you should have some necessary things at your home such as aquarium, aquarium filters, food for fish, aquarium water heaters, aquarium aerator and tank mates in order to give shelter to your fish.

Aquarium or the fish tank is the major requirement of fishes to survive because it is providing house to make it comfortable and secure.

Aquarium filters in the aquarium are used to maintain the quality of water in your tank as well as it helps in consuming overfeeding of the fishes from the surface of the tank.

You should feed your fish with a proper nutritional diet and the type of food which is offered to your pet is depends on the type of fish. But you should maintain the feeding of food according to the schedule.

Aquarium water heater in the tank is used to warm the water in the tank because some types of fishes requires or stays in the warm water.

Aquarium aerator in the aquarium is used to give oxygen inside the tank for the fishes to breathe and it is mandatory for all types of fishes.

Decoration objects, artificial plants, pearls, stones, gravel etc. The tank mates should be kept in the fish tank to give company to the fish. If these are not present in the fish tank, the fish feel alone and becomes distressed. This can cause death of your fish.

Lighting system is also one of the major requirement for the fish to survive. And also change regularly the water of your tank. This will makes your fish comfortable.