Wooden Kitchen Countertops – Know the Pros and Cons

By | April 8, 2012

Countertops are the most noticeable elements of the kitchen. They are even the most working areas of kitchen. Hence, you should ensure that you use right materials for countertops. Wooden countertops are one of the many options that bring natural beauty to the kitchen. However, it is necessary to know the pros and cons of any model before purchasing. Here are some pros and cons of wooden kitchen countertops.


  • Wood, readily available from various plants, is easily available and accessible material used for countertops. It has a wide range of choice with respect to species, color, and stain. These countertops reflect a different design aesthetic.
  • Most of the wooden countertops blend with any color scheme or kitchen décor.
  • It is a renewable surface based on the style of wood countertop.
  • Wooden countertops have a warmer surface than tile or stone countertops.

In spite of the above benefits, they have some disadvantages too.

  • Wooden countertops are prone to water damage with inadequate protection. Protective treatments such as mineral oil should be applied frequently.
  • When compared to tile, stone, or laminate countertops, these wooden countertops will dent, scrape and chip more easily.
  • Moisture problems are evident with wooden countertops. If they are not sealed properly during installation, they are prone to water damage.
  • When exposed to vinegar for a long time, the adhesives which hold the wood boards together loosen, damaging the countertop.
    While wooden countertops are thought to be inexpensive, certain species like teak and customized models bring up the remodeling cost.

Now that you have known, the pros and cons, choose wooden countertops for your kitchen provided you ensure required care and maintenance.