What are the Pros and Cons of Opting Wooden Roofs for Your Home?

By | April 19, 2012

Wooden roofs are rarely built as they are not durable as concrete slabs and also difficult to maintain. If the wooden tiles are installed properly it can last up to thirty to fifty years. The color, thickness, width and cut of the wood varies from one wooden shake to other. Wood roofs are generally built using red cedars and mostly seen in dry climates.

They have some advantages:

  • Red cedar wood is resistant to sun, water, debris and insect damage. This wood would rarely split or break. It is known for durability.
  • It is an effective roof design for saving energy. Cedar wood has exceptional thermal insulation properties.
  • This wood is light in weight. Wooden roofs have low density, lie flat and stay straight.

Disadvantages of wooden roofs are:

  • They require significant amount of maintenance to last long.
  • Wooden roofs are expensive and require professional installation.
  • Not suitable for every climate.
  • They are combustible and completely turn to ash.

Location and climate are primary factors before deciding to go for a wooden roof. Quality varies from different shake mills and care should be taken while selecting wood shakes.