Do’s and Dont’s of Prenatal Yoga Exercise

By | April 13, 2012

One of the unique benefits of yoga which are not seen in any other workouts or exercises is, it can be done even by pregnant women. Even though the regular yoga is not advisable there is a special kind of yoga which is named as prenatal yoga especially designed for the pregnant women. During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many physical and mental changes which makes her feel uncomfortable at times. To avoid all such discomforts and to make it easy for the mother to deliver the kid safely, prenatal yoga offers different postures and techniques which are designed according to the needs of a pregnant women. For now let us see the do’s and dont’s of prenatal yoga.

  • Always consult your gynecologist before starting your prenatal yoga practice. The gynecologist suggests you whether to do it or not depending upon your health condition and the body’s condition.
  • It is always good to have opinions from the mothers who practiced yoga during their pregnancy.
  • Don’t try to practice high intense postures even though you feel like you are comfortable as they might hurt your baby without your knowledge.
  • In particular, during the second trimester it is not advisable to try postures which involve laying on the back and also avoid doing back bends.
  • Abdominal twisting and the postures which include lying on the stomach should be completely avoided.
  • Also the poses which develop pressure on the abdomen should be avoided and also prevent jumps and leaping movements.
  • Once you are approaching your delivery time it is often better even to stop doing prenatal yoga. During that period it is advised to do simple breathing techniques and meditations which promote mental peace and soothing of the mind.
  • One unique feature in yoga practice is, it establishes a connection between the mother and the baby. It makes you feel comfortable, by controlling the blood pressure levels and ensure proper blood circulation.

These are few healthy practices which can make you and your baby comfortable and happier. Even after delivery, picking up few prenatal yoga poses and making it a habit slowly makes you feel better from the condition of back pains and reduces other problems. However, it is better to take the advice of your doctor, before practice.