Difference Between Manual Work and Automation Systems

By | April 17, 2012

Automation systems have been lately replacing the manual work. They are considered to perform the same human work with less effort and in the same way as humans do. Hence, we shall now know what is the difference between manual work and automation systems.

Manual Work:
There are different kinds of work that people can do. Manual work referrs to the work done by people with physical effort. This contrasts the work done by machines. Many people invented new things with a variety of work using their own hands. Galileo made telescopes with the effort of his brain and hands. Leibnitz, invented machines in order to move the carriages and windmills without the use of horses.

Many people involved in manual work can potentially do their works with skill and intelligence. The physical work can be accomplished by manual labor and animal labor that is considered cousin of the former prehistoric age.

Automation Systems:
In the 19th century, automation and mechanization were started to reduce the human and animal labor for production and had significantly expanded to bring about a change to the human culture. Mechanization requires human operators that assist the machinery in the work.

Automation is being used to increase the quality in manufacturing process. Engineers have transitioned the manual work to automated work with the installation of automated machines to reduce the error rate. The error rate in manual work was around 1-1.5%, but it has decreased to 0.00001% with automation.

Automation systems though are beneficial, cannot replace the manual activity in all aspects.