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What are the Pros and Cons of Opting Wooden Roofs for Your Home?

Wooden roofs are rarely built as they are not durable as concrete slabs and also difficult to maintain. If the wooden tiles are installed properly it can last up to thirty to fifty years. The color, thickness, width and cut of the wood varies from one wooden shake to other. Wood roofs are generally built using red cedars and mostly seen in dry climates.

They have some advantages:

  • Red cedar wood is resistant to sun, water, debris and insect damage. This wood would rarely split or break. It is known for durability.
  • It is an effective roof design for saving energy. Cedar wood has exceptional thermal insulation properties.
  • This wood is light in weight. Wooden roofs have low density, lie flat and stay straight.

Disadvantages of wooden roofs are:

  • They require significant amount of maintenance to last long.
  • Wooden roofs are expensive and require professional installation.
  • Not suitable for every climate.
  • They are combustible and completely turn to ash.

Location and climate are primary factors before deciding to go for a wooden roof. Quality varies from different shake mills and care should be taken while selecting wood shakes. Read more

Difference Between Manual Work and Automation Systems

Automation systems have been lately replacing the manual work. They are considered to perform the same human work with less effort and in the same way as humans do. Hence, we shall now know what is the difference between manual work and automation systems.

Manual Work:
There are different kinds of work that people can do. Manual work referrs to the work done by people with physical effort. This contrasts the work done by machines. Many people invented new things with a variety of work using their own hands. Galileo made telescopes with the effort of his brain and hands. Leibnitz, invented machines in order to move the carriages and windmills without the use of horses.

Many people involved in manual work can potentially do their works with skill and intelligence. The physical work can be accomplished by manual labor and animal labor that is considered cousin of the former prehistoric age.

Automation Systems:
In the 19th century, automation and mechanization were started to reduce the human and animal labor for production and had significantly expanded to bring about a change to the human culture. Mechanization requires human operators that assist the machinery in the work.

Automation is being used to increase the quality in manufacturing process. Engineers have transitioned the manual work to automated work with the installation of automated machines to reduce the error rate. The error rate in manual work was around 1-1.5%, but it has decreased to 0.00001% with automation.

Automation systems though are beneficial, cannot replace the manual activity in all aspects.

Do’s and Dont’s of Prenatal Yoga Exercise

One of the unique benefits of yoga which are not seen in any other workouts or exercises is, it can be done even by pregnant women. Even though the regular yoga is not advisable there is a special kind of yoga which is named as prenatal yoga especially designed for the pregnant women. During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many physical and mental changes which makes her feel uncomfortable at times. To avoid all such discomforts and to make it easy for the mother to deliver the kid safely, prenatal yoga offers different postures and techniques which are designed according to the needs of a pregnant women. For now let us see the do’s and dont’s of prenatal yoga.

  • Always consult your gynecologist before starting your prenatal yoga practice. The gynecologist suggests you whether to do it or not depending upon your health condition and the body’s condition.
  • It is always good to have opinions from the mothers who practiced yoga during their pregnancy.
  • Don’t try to practice high intense postures even though you feel like you are comfortable as they might hurt your baby without your knowledge.
  • In particular, during the second trimester it is not advisable to try postures which involve laying on the back and also avoid doing back bends.
  • Abdominal twisting and the postures which include lying on the stomach should be completely avoided.
  • Also the poses which develop pressure on the abdomen should be avoided and also prevent jumps and leaping movements.
  • Once you are approaching your delivery time it is often better even to stop doing prenatal yoga. During that period it is advised to do simple breathing techniques and meditations which promote mental peace and soothing of the mind.
  • One unique feature in yoga practice is, it establishes a connection between the mother and the baby. It makes you feel comfortable, by controlling the blood pressure levels and ensure proper blood circulation.

These are few healthy practices which can make you and your baby comfortable and happier. Even after delivery, picking up few prenatal yoga poses and making it a habit slowly makes you feel better from the condition of back pains and reduces other problems. However, it is better to take the advice of your doctor, before practice. Read more

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Greenhouses

Among many different types of materials for greenhouses, aluminum is one which is used commonly. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using aluminum frames for greenhouses.


  • Aluminum is a strong element requiring less maintenance. They do not rust or rot like the steel or wooden greenhouse frames. Hence, the repairs or replacement of aluminum frames for your greenhouses is often avoided.
  • It is easy to assemble aluminum greenhouses. It is even found in different colors such as green, silver, white, bronze, dark silver and charcoal. This is meant to add beauty to the frames.
  • Aluminum is so compatible and can be used with a variety of panels. You can use glass, plastic and polycarbonate window panels with aluminum framing. It also slides in whatever sort of panels you wish to use.
  • Of different materials used for greenhouses, aluminum is very light in weight and hence, is portable.
  • Aluminum greenhouses are weather resilient as they are extremely strong and also amazing to look.


  • One of the main issues with aluminum is that it is a soft metal and hence may not stand up under stress when exposed to harsh winds and heavy blows.
  • The cost of aluminum is also very high when compared to wood or other metals such as steel.
  • It does not possess any insulation value. Simply speaking, you lose a lot of heat through aluminum frames. Another features of aluminum is that it promotes formation of condensation inside the greenhouse frame.

Considering these pros and cons of aluminum is very much important when planning to build a greenhouse. Read more

Ceramic Tile Countertops and their Pros and Cons

Ceramic tiles are usually used for flooring or walls, however, they can also be used for countertops. A kitchen with ceramic tile countertops looks elegant and neat. Both wall and floor tiles can be used for countertops. While wall tiles are found in more styles, floor tiles are more durable. However, choose any of them considering your preferences. Here are some of the pros and cons of ceramic tile countertops.


  • Ceramic tiles are available in various colors. So, the countertops can be made by using patterns of various colors in such a way that they match the kitchen style.
  • They are available in various sizes. Still, they can be cut in desired shapes and sizes as per your designed pattern.
  • Ceramic tile countertops do not scratch or stain. They are even heat-resistant and hence, can take even hot pans.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They are available in varied price ranges and you can choose the tiles depending on your affordability.


  • The counter surface made of ceramic tiles is uneven.
  • Though the tiles do not get stained, their grout lines can stain. The stained grout lines are difficult to clean.
  • The hard surface and finish of ceramic tiles may make the knives dull.
  • Ceramic tiles can easily chip or crack and hence, one should avoid dropping heavy objects on the counter.
  • Though they are scratch-resistant, tiles with higher gloss finish can show more scratches and scrapes.

Keep in mind the pros and cons of ceramic tile countertops, and follow the required maintenance to make them look elegant and durable. Read more