Is Yoga Better than the Workouts at Gym?

By | March 28, 2012

There is an on going debate on whether a high intensity workout at gym is better or simple yogic postures are more helpful. Experts in the respective fields often tend to highlight their own styles since they have strong belief and in depth knowledge on what they teach and what they practice. However, when seen from a big picture each of the workouts have their own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing one from each completely depends on the individual’s interest and a change a person is looking for after regular practice.

If some one wants a quick weight loss then it is obvious that he/she should go for a gym, since the simple workouts in yoga are slow and steady methods to gain the results. Similarly, in gym one can burn more calories when compared to a yoga session. It increases your lean body mass and therefore increases the metabolism. It helps in the reduction of cholesterol and saves the heart from sudden strokes.

Coming to yoga. Yoga is also used to reduce weight. But it takes more time. This is also quite beneficial because it gives us the time to get adjusted to the changes. When gym provides good health for few disorders, yoga ensures more than good health and works well on the five aspects – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual. Mental health improves much while practicing yoga which is not that effective during workouts at gym. Moreover, there is a cure for every other disease in yoga which cannot be found in the gym. Finally, yoga classes are much affordable than attending gym classes. We can do yoga at convenient time and attending regular yoga classes form a greater community, so that one can improve their social skills by interacting with the community.

Therefore, it is clear that yoga is beneficial than workouts at the gym. Many experts and people who are used to attend regular workouts are also moving towards yoga to have proper physical health along with mental well being.