know the Difference Between the Smart Phone and Cell Phone

By | March 19, 2012

Smart phones use advanced technologies when compared to the normal cell phone. Cell phone have only features such as, text messaging, call making and receiving. The smart phone is combination of PDA (personal Digital Assistance) and a cell phone. The difference between the smart phone and a cell phone are as follows:

A smart phone has touch screen, whereas in normal phone you do not have touch screen.

QWERTY keypad
QWERTY keypad is necessary for the smart phone. In normal phone people may or may not get QWERTY keypad.

Faster Internet access
A smart phone has WIFI, GPRS, GPS and many web browsers, whereas, normal cell phone does not have all these features.

Multimedia applications
A smart phone has all the multimedia options like camera, music player, video recording, etc. But a normal cell phone cannot have these features.

Video calls
A smart phone enables the user to make video calls. It helps the user to talk with their beloved ones face to face. This feature is very helpful for the business persons to make video conferences. In normal phone you do not get this video calling option.

Operating system
A smart phone provides the operating system features in mobile, with this the user can use any applications like windows OS, Android OS, etc. It helps the user to create and edit office documents like Microsoft office documents and other office documents.

The above are the various technical difference between the smart phone and normal cell phone.