Comparison Between In-House Tutorials and Online Tutorials

By | March 5, 2012

A tutor is an academic person, generally known as a professor or lecturer whose responsibility is to teach learners at several places like schools, universities etc. Home tutoring refers to the teaching environment- a physical place where both the teacher and learner are present at same location and at same time whereas online tutoring refers to teaching in a networked environment where teacher and learners are at separated by space and time.

Home tutoring is held at a location that is chosen by the learner according to his/her comfort. The interaction between learner and tutor can be dealt face to face that is it involves personal interaction. The time of tutoring is less flexible since it has to be held at anytime according to the agreement of the learner and tutor. Home tutorials are local to a specific area and enable the learners to maintain a contact with their teachers. To regulate the flow of teaching materials like pencil, paper, table are required.

In order to know the progress of the learner(s), the parent(s) should contact the tutor.

Online tutorials require multimedia devices such as web cam, headset and interactive materials like audio, video. More flexible compared to In house tutorials because prerecorded material allows learners to access 24/7. A computer with multimedia programs is required for online tutorials. Parent can get the progress of the students performance immediately and refer 24/7.