2G Versus 3G Mobile Phones

By | March 19, 2012

2G stands for “ Second Generation” and this technology was introduced in 1980’s. Whereas 3G stands for “ Third Generation” and it was first introduced in 2001 in Japan by NTT DOCOMO of Japan. It is an advanced technology compared to 2G. It provides high speed data transmission. It gives much faster network for the communication. The difference between these as

1. In 2G mobile phones the user cannot get video calling option, whereas in 3G mobiles the user can make video calling by communicating face to face.
2. 3G technology provides much fast internet access as compared to the 2G. For example, in 2G mobile phones a 5MB song download takes more than a minute, but in 3G mobile phones the song can be downloaded with in 10 seconds.
3. 3G technology provides Wi Fi technology, but the 2G mobile can not provide this technology.
4. 2G technology is operated in GPS and GSM, whereas the 3G technology work on both GSM and CDMA mobiles.
5. 2G technology uses digital signal transmitted from the radio transmission, whereas 3G uses a very fast transmission of the mobile signals.
6. The disadvantage with the 3G network is that, their usage plans are very expensive than compared to 2G network.

As 3G is of very high advanced technology, it very expensive, but has more features and advantages than 2G mobiles.