What are Different Types of Farming?

By | February 18, 2012

Farming is the growing of crops and rearing of animals. Below are some of the types of farming:

  • Ranching.
  • Dry and irrigating farming.
  • Mixed Farming.
  • Single crop and Multi crop farming.
  • Diversified Farming.
  • Specialized Farming.

Ranching:In this type of farming method, animals graze on public lands. Some public lands are also used for raising livestock or farm animals.

Dry and Irrigated Farming: It is a method of doing farming in the areas where rainfall is low and there is no confident source of artificial irrigation.

Single Crop and Multi-crop Farming: A specialized form of farming is nothing but a Single-crop. If that same farm is left to the farmer who is specialized in crop enterprise to produce a single crop or multiplicity of crops.

Diversified Farming: When a farmer is busy in a multitude of farm enterprises, then it is referred to as diversified farming. If a single farmer involves or runs a large number of crop enterprises, with or without a non-crop enterprise then it said as a diversified farming. Raising almost six crops makes farming as a diversified and the need of doing this farming is self-sufficiency.

Specialized Farming: If a few enterprises are run by the farmer, in which he has acquired special talent, then it is known as specialized farming. However, in specialized farming, only one kind of farm business is done such as raising food crops or rearing sheep or raising dairy cattle. In this also, raising two to three crops makes it specialized and the motive behind this type of farming is profit.