What are the Painful Effects of Braces?

By | February 24, 2012

In orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist uses the braces for fixing the teeth in order to straighten, fill gaps between the teeth of orthodontic patients. Orthodontic patients are the people who have irregularities in their teeth. These irregularities can be removed by the orthodontic devices called braces. Orthodontic braces help the patient look beautiful with nice and fine teeth. There are some effects while wearing braces. But these effects are in the first few days of wearing braces due to the pressure applied to the teeth and they give you proper new alignment to your teeth after treatment.

Some of the effects that are caused while wearing braces are:

  • Discomfort is the first one you feel due to mouth soreness, headaches, rashes on your gums by rubbing the braces, effect on speech etc., while wearing braces.
  • Chances of mild pain and difficult in eating after tightening of the braces.
  • Braces are damaged due to the sticky food items chewed by the patient.
  • Sometimes braces cut the inner lips while eating, speaking, sleeping etc,.
  • Formation of plaque called gingivitis around the braces due to improper maintenance and cleaning of teeth after food consumption.
  • Tooth stains remain even after completion of treatment.
  • Gum diseases occur due to the rashes produced on the gum.
  • Injuries as well as jaw joint pain also sometimes is caused due to the braces.

All the above painful effects can be reduced by maintaining proper oral hygiene and also by following the doctor’s suggestions precisely.