Pros and Cons of Child Care from a Relative

By | February 22, 2012

Working parents should check for the right childcare option to ensure that their kids are safe and happy. Relative care, babysitter, nanny, au pair and daycare centers are the various options available for getting childcare. Whatever you choose, it is necessary to go through its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of child care from a relative.


  • Child care from relatives is the only way which provides trust. The relative is interested in the child’s health, well-being and even happiness. Unlike the case of daycare centers, it provides you a peace of mind without any need to worry about the status of your child.
  • The child care can be free. It may even be at lesser costs than you would pay for any other stranger like a nanny or a babysitter.
  • Relative child care builds up an emotional bond and enhances the existing family relationship that lasts lifetime.
  • It allows flexibility. This avoids any tensions that you deal with a daycare center.
  • You can provide an in-home daycare for your kid either in your home or your relative’s home.


  • The most important disadvantage of relative child care is that you cannot establish a professional relationship. Maintaining appropriate boundaries is very difficult if your childcare employee is a relative.
  • Any issues during the child care may affect the relationship.
  • If the child’s grandparents are involved in providing the care, then the gap of generation may affect the behavior of your kids.
  • You need to find a back-up or alternative if your relative is ill or cannot attend the child care.

Consider the pros and cons of relative child care when you plan to provide a caregiver for your child.