Know the Importance of Herbs for Dental Health

By | January 27, 2012

It has been found that dental care and maintenance not only ensures good oral health but also overall health of your body. Herbs play an effective role in preventing various kinds of dental problems. Earlier, natural herbal chewing sticks were used to prevent and treat tooth decay. Unlike the plastic-bristled brushes, these chewing sticks help improving dental health. They are usually taken from plants, shrubs or trees with high anti-microbial activity and are considered as best remedies for gum and tooth problems.

Twigs of bay, eucalyptus, oak, fir, neem, etc., are generally used as herbal disposable tooth brushes. Even roots of alfalfa, licorice, and horseradish can be used as herbal toothbrushes. Leaves of mango tree also have beneficial properties and are used to brush teeth.

Here are some other herbs which help reduce dental problems. Gooseberries as a mouth rinse and a solution of warm water with lemon and ginger juice as gargling solution promote oral health. Chewing raw onions and spinach is also good for oral hygiene. Onions are found to remove germs from your teeth. Fennel, a culinary herb, reduces bad breath. Herbs such as parsley, anise seeds, fennel and licorice are used in mouth fresheners. Oral problems such as sore gums and inflammation can be reduced by Calendula and Echniacea. Oregon and golden seal treat infected teeth, rosemary which has antiseptic properties heals sores, clove oil relieves toothache, and bloodroot kills bacteria responsible for tooth cavities. Red pepper and evening primrose help in reducing dry mouth. With high anti-microbial and antiseptic properties, these herbs play a great role in maintaining dental health.