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How are Gas Heaters Different from Electric Heaters?

Based on the type of energy source, heaters are divided in to gas heaters and electric heaters. As their name suggests, they work either with gas or electricity. Gas heaters sue natural gases as their power source. Let us now know few details about these two types of heaters.

Gas Heaters: Gas Heaters are mostly used in residence among different countries during winter seasons. Gas heaters are cost effective and they do not use firewood for heating. The gas heaters function cleanly and smoothly. The fuel used in gas heaters are liquified petroleum gas or natural gas. Gas heaters can be dangerous because they easily catch fire. Gas heaters are of two types:

Vented Gas heaters: This device can be mounted on a wall or can also be placed in an existent chimney. On combustion of fuel, the smoke generated escapes safely from a pipe that is present in that device.

Ventless Gas Heaters: It is easy to install but requires to follow lot of precautions. Ventless gas heaters work based on the theory of combustion. It may be dangerous, as they spread out powerful gases, thus it is recommended to install them at a well ventilated spacious room.

Electric Heaters: In these kind of heaters, heat is generated from electric heaters by converting the electrical energy into heat energy. Electric heaters are most commonly used for heating water, cooking, etc. Electric Heaters are of many types – electric garage heater, electric base board heaters, electric Wall heaters, etc.

Based on the easy availability of the above mentioned energy sources (gas or electricity) at your residence, one can select either gas heaters or electric heaters.

How are Central Heaters Different for Space heaters?

There are two major types of heating systems – central heating system and space heating system. Central heating system is that type of heating system which is used to heat large spaces. Whereas, space heating use portable heaters to heat smaller areas.

Let us know few important details about these two kinds of heaters.

Central Heater: A central heating system is used to heat all parts inside a room. It is the most popularly used heating system. The heat generated from central heater flows all over the room in a series of tubes called ducts. Central Heaters mostly work with the help of electricity or gas and at times they also work with coal, wood or heating oil.

Space Heaters: If heating is necessary for a small enclosed area, generally space heaters are used. Space heaters contain capacity that ranges between 10,000 Btu to 40,000 Btu per hour. Some fuels like electricity, propane, natural gas and kerosene are used to maintain the capacity range. Some space heaters are dependent on convection through which movement of air happens in a room and some are dependent on radiant energy through which objects are heated directly from sunlight. The heat generated in a room by space heaters using radiant energy can last only for a few hours. Space heaters can be portable and are usually attached on a wall. Space heaters can reduce the electricity bill when compared to central heaters.

Based on the heating requirements and the areas, one can choose the best suitable heating system.

Know the Differences Between Vitamins and Minerals

We often say that nutrient-rich diet that includes vitamins and minerals is required to stay healthy. But, many people are not aware of these two nutrients. Though both of them are considered to maintain a healthy body, they differ a lot. Here are some differences between vitamins and minerals.

The most basic difference between vitamins and minerals is that vitamins are organic compounds while minerals are inorganic compounds. The body gets most of our vitamins from plants and animals, whereas, minerals from soil and water. The chemical form of minerals is very much simpler than the vitamins. Vitamins are, generally, classified as water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins, as the name suggests, are soluble in water and hence, they do not get stored in the body. However, fat-soluble vitamins get dissolved in fat cells of the body and are stored. Minerals, on the other hand, are, generally, divided into macro minerals and trace minerals. Macro minerals are the minerals which are required in large amounts by the body, and trace minerals are needed in very small quantities.

All vitamins are essential for body, but not all minerals are required. The body needs vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. It even needs major minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, chloride, sodium, magnesium, and sulfur, and trace minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, and fluoride. Though both the vitamins and minerals are essential for good health, they have their own different functions. Hence, diet rich in vitamins and minerals should be taken. However, vitamin and mineral supplements are best for people who often do not take healthy diet. They help keep your body away from potential vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Read more

Know the Importance of Herbs for Dental Health

It has been found that dental care and maintenance not only ensures good oral health but also overall health of your body. Herbs play an effective role in preventing various kinds of dental problems. Earlier, natural herbal chewing sticks were used to prevent and treat tooth decay. Unlike the plastic-bristled brushes, these chewing sticks help improving dental health. They are usually taken from plants, shrubs or trees with high anti-microbial activity and are considered as best remedies for gum and tooth problems.

Twigs of bay, eucalyptus, oak, fir, neem, etc., are generally used as herbal disposable tooth brushes. Even roots of alfalfa, licorice, and horseradish can be used as herbal toothbrushes. Leaves of mango tree also have beneficial properties and are used to brush teeth.

Here are some other herbs which help reduce dental problems. Gooseberries as a mouth rinse and a solution of warm water with lemon and ginger juice as gargling solution promote oral health. Chewing raw onions and spinach is also good for oral hygiene. Onions are found to remove germs from your teeth. Fennel, a culinary herb, reduces bad breath. Herbs such as parsley, anise seeds, fennel and licorice are used in mouth fresheners. Oral problems such as sore gums and inflammation can be reduced by Calendula and Echniacea. Oregon and golden seal treat infected teeth, rosemary which has antiseptic properties heals sores, clove oil relieves toothache, and bloodroot kills bacteria responsible for tooth cavities. Red pepper and evening primrose help in reducing dry mouth. With high anti-microbial and antiseptic properties, these herbs play a great role in maintaining dental health.
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Advantages Of CCTV Wireless Security Cameras

Installation of surveillance cameras is very much helpful in providing security. They besides providing security are also worth your investment and easily installable. Among the many surveillance cameras, CCTV cameras are the ones which are easily installable. CCTV (closely circuit TV cameras) wireless cameras also provide close monitoring of their surfaces.

Some of the installation benefits of CCTV cameras are:

These are more flexible to install:
CCTV wireless cameras are like wireless security cameras which can be easily installed. These are also easy to transfer from one place to another. They also reduce the wiring risks and can also work as hidden cameras due to their availability in different sizes.

Convenient connectivity:
Wireless CCTV cameras come in many models which have easy connectivity facilities. You can connect these things to internet or smart phones to monitor the surfaces. These cameras send messages or alerts when they find any suspicious activities on the surfaces.

Monitoring efficiency:
CCTV wireless cameras are efficient devices for monitoring surfaces. These cameras provide various advantages like you can connect them to your own system for streaming video to DVR, VCR, TV or monitors continuously. Another advantage is, recording is possible for a specific time duration in a day. You can get more duration recordings with the help of hard disc.

These devices provide high resolution recordings and also provide accurate quality audio and video recordings. These are widely used at homes, offices, public places, malls, etc.