Make Your Wedding Reception Rocking with Right Music

By | December 1, 2011

Wedding reception is the funny movement in a wedding party. Every aspect right from food to decoration, music, part favors play an important role in making a wedding reception successful. Among all the above said aspects, music plays a very important role in the reception.

Reception music is of two types, live music and recorded music. Live music includes a band playing various songs or instrumentals live at the venue, whereas the recorded music includes playing instrumentals or favorite songs through a disc or recorder. Majority of the guests enjoy recorded music a lot. In the live music the music troop plays songs composed by them and also some other songs on guests requests.

Another division in the music played at the reception parties is – rock and slow. Rock music is very lively, whereas, slow music is relaxing. Slow music can be played in the backdrop as the party continues. It makes the guests feel light and enjoy the evening. Whereas, rock music is apt when you are organizing a dance party. It peps up the whole mood of the guests. You can alter the light and rock music in the party by playing the slow beats at the starting and ending of the reception and playing rock in between the reception.

You can even dedicate some special songs to your relatives and friends present in the party. Play music that is meaningful to all. Pick the songs which suit your age group.

At the reception party, the newly married couple also comes together and dances together. They enhance the joy of the event with their participation.