Types of Indoor Games

By | December 5, 2011

There is a huge list of the indoor games. For different occasions there are different types of indoor games as per your choices. Such as table top games, board games, card games, ball games, computer games, electronic games, pen and paper games, and many more.

Table top games:
These are games which are played on the table. These include some sports like snookers, billiards, etc.

Board games:
Games that are played on a board are called board games. For instance, chess, caroms, ludo, snake and ladders, etc. Here every board game has its own rules and each has its own pieces to play.

Card games:
These are games which are placed with the help of cards. It needs different types of cards for different card games, and different types of members require for each game as per the game set ups. Some of them are, solitaire, trick taking card games, comparing cards , gambling card games, melding, collectable, commercial etc.

Ball games:
The ball games are those which are played with the help of balls. Here different games need different number of balls. For example some need only one and some need more than 10 etc. Some of the ball games are for kids include bouncing, hitting, throwing, catching. For adults, some board games are considered as ball games such as snookers, billiards, etc. and some other are volleyball, basketball, etc.

Computer games:
There are a variety of computer games currently. These have been developed by one or more number of developers. They are evolved for simple graphical games to wide range of more visual advanced titles. These games may be distributed through CD’s, DVD’s. The games are Internet down-loadable. Some of them are Mario, car racing, space war and many more.

Pen and paper games:
These are the games that are played with the help of pen and paper for example quiz, take a pick etc.

Benefits for playing indoor games:
There are different benefits according to the games. Some give physical strength and make body fit and some games give a chance to gain knowledge, skills etc.