Know the Pros and Cons of Oil-filled Radiator Heaters

By | December 23, 2011

Planning to purchase an oil-filled radiator heater? Then, better understand their working and also their pros and cons. Oil-filled radiator heaters work by electricity, not by oil. Electricity passing through the device heats up the heating element and thereby, heats oil present inside. With rise in temperature, the heat from oil is transferred out of the device and is radiated throughout the room. Oil-filled radiators have their own pros and cons.


  • Oil-filled radiator heaters are available in various designs including wall-mount and mobile types. Wall-mount heaters can simply be hanged on wall at your desired location. Mobile oil-filled radiators may have wheels so that they can be easily moved from one room to the other.
  • Oil present in these heaters retains heat for a long time even after the power has been cut. So, though the heating device is switched off, the heated oil ensures heat and hence, you can still have warming effect upon the surrounding area.
  • They work well in smaller and well-insulated environments.
  • These heaters enable silent operation as they do not radiate heat through moving elements like fan.


  • Oil-filled radiator heaters do not provide instant warmth. They provide heat only after certain time lag. The oil in the heater takes some time to get heated up and hence, you need to wait to experience heat after switching on the device.
  • Maintenance of these heaters may be difficult. There may be chances of oil leakage which should be dealt carefully.
  • They may not be efficient to heat large rooms or areas.

Consider both pros and cons of these heaters and ensure that you follow proper maintenance to ensure effective functioning.