What are the Pros and Cons of Onyx Countertops?

By | December 4, 2011

Among many different types of kitchen countertops, onyx countertops are used these days more popularly. Their stylish appearance makes them look more attractive and appealing when compared to any other materials. Have a look on some of the pros and cons of onyx kitchen countertops.


  • Onyx countertops look beautiful because of their natural shiny appearance.
  • They are available in different color ranges and appear more elegant with further polishing. A warm instant visual appeal is brought to the kitchen with varied colored onyx kitchen countertops.
  • They resemble the appearance of the stone and hence, you can get a natural beauty to your kitchen.
  • Translucent show up of the countertops look more charming and beautiful with the addition of backlighting and other unique and attractive lighting options.
  • With proper maintenance, these countertops can be durable for a long time.


  • Though they are durable and last longer than a cheaper laminate worktop, they are not as hard as marble or granite.
  • They are easily susceptible to stains and scratches. Necessary sealants should be applied to the surface of the onyx countertops as a protective agent for avoiding staining and scratching, as a result, regular replacement of sealants should be maintained in turn.
  • Any damage of these countertops is only repaired with the help of a specialist. It is not possible to restore the material back to its original state on your own.
  • As onyx is susceptible to easy damage with acid or alkaline substances, specific pH neutral cleaning materials to maintain their lustrous appearance.

Remember to consider these pros and cons to make a right choice when planning to have onyx countertops for your kitchen.