Know the Types of Domain Extensions

By | November 20, 2011

The domain name is your internet identity or name of your web address. It consist of an extension, that is commonly called suffixes and it is part of the domain name. So every business people should need the domain name for creating your company website. For creating a domain name, you should choose the right domain extension, because it can impact where your site will show up in search engine results page. It will also how the potential visitors evaluate your site.

There are various domain extensions, some of the most common domain extension are as follows: .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz, .uk, .edu etc. the most commonly and widely used domain extension is .com in the world. It represents the word commercial, so most business people prefer .com domain extension, because it is a highly recognized symbol for having business on the internet.

.net is meant for networking organisations, it is the next popular domain extension. It is the abbreviation for network, this is used primarily for the internet service providers. Also some businesses use this domain extension for their intranet websites.

.org is meant for organisation, which is used by nonprofit organisations and NGO’s, they can also use for all kinds of the websites.

.info is meant for the site contains the informational content. This site has become most popular for those businesses who are looking for providing information to their clients. This signifies a resource website.

.biz is used by the small businesses, which is for local store owners who are looking for getting online inexpensively.

These are some of the common domain extensions which are used by most of the industries.