What are the Pros and Cons of Electric Toothbrushes?

By | November 10, 2011

Choosing a right toothbrush is very much necessary to ensure proper brushing and thereby maintaining dental health. However, apart from the manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes have been in use popularly. These toothbrushes work under the charge of batteries. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Have a look on them.

Pros of electric toothbrushes
Here are some of the benefits of electric toothbrushes.

  • When compared to the manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes last for a longer time.
  • They are more effective for people who face problems with manual brushing. Older adults, people with arthritis and other physical limitations who cannot make the movements necessary for proper brushing can use the electric toothbrushes.
  • They are more suitable for kids as they need less effort and less brushing force.
  • Some of the electric toothbrushes have pressure sensors and can regulate the pressure of brushing. Therefore, they ensure less or no damage to your tooth enamel and gums.
  • Very minimum skills are required for brushing with electric toothbrushes.
  • Most of them have ergonomic handles making it easy to handle.
  • Some of them even have built-in timers which allows you to know after two minutes of effective brushing.
  • Toothpaste dispensers are even accented by some of the electric toothbrushes.

Cons of electric toothbrushes
In spite of the above advantages, the electric toothbrushes even have some disadvantages.

  • The electric toothbrushes are quite expensive when compared to the manual ones.
  • They often require charging or battery replacement.
  • When traveling, you need to consider even the charging needs of electric toothbrushes. Hence, it is very difficult to carry while on travel.
  • They are bulky.
  • It is harder to maneuver electric toothbrushes as effectively as manual toothbrushes.

Considering these pros and cons of electric toothbrushes, choose the right one to ensure perfect brushing.