Pros and Cons of Backpack Pet Carriers

By | November 8, 2011

Carrying your pets along with you when traveling is a considerable issue. Pet carriers provide you the chance to take your pets wherever you want. Among many different popularly used pet carriers, backpack pet carriers are one. They are so simply designed such that they can be held along your back. Go through to know the pros and cons of backpack pet carriers.

Backpack pet carriers are mostly opted for small animals. Small kitten and puppies fit well in these carriers. When considering to take your pet for a short travel, by walking, you can opt a backpack carrier. However, they can also be used for train or plane travel if the pet is small. Hiking, shopping, road trips, etc. are the interesting activities without which a vacation is not complete. Leaving your pet at the hotel when you get engaged in such activities leaves a sort of discomfort in your mind. However, backpack carriers never give you this chance. You can simply carry your pet with you by just holding it back and enjoy fun in hiking or shopping. The pet remains safe in the carrier.

There is no need to worry that your pet falls off from it as the carriers are zipped. They can be fully or partially zipped. You can make the carrier half-zipped to provide enough ventilation. However, the backpacks also contain breathable mesh side panels which allow enough air for the animal. They are designed in such a way that they are even approved by airlines. They are available in different sizes, designs and styles. Backpack carriers are sturdier than most of the totes and are valuable.

However, when you are ready with these carriers to move out, the pet gets ready to jump off and you should be careful. The other issue with these is, they may cause some strain on your muscles. But, as the advantages outweigh these simple disadvantages, many prefer backpack pet carriers for travel.