Pros and Cons of Quartz Patio Heaters

By | November 22, 2011

With the development of electric infrared heaters, you can assure enjoying parties and gatherings outdoors in cold winters in a patio. Specific quartz patio heaters serve to provide efficient heat even outdoors. Go through to know the pros and cons of quartz patio heaters.

Quartz patio heaters are available in different size and designs. There are table-top heaters and also wall-mounted models. So, you can simply place them on a base or mount on a wall saving your space. It is easy to install any of these models. Plugging requirements are the only things needed for their operation. Unlike the gas patio heaters, you need not worry of the installation of gas lines for their functioning. So, they are not at all associated with huge installation costs.

They consume less electricity and hence, aid in reducing your utility bills. Quartz patio heaters emit infrared radiation which strikes the individuals and objects in the patio. This gets converted to heat and therefore, they provide focused heat. Even the people can experience the heat within minutes after switching on the system. Safe and gentle heat is evident from quartz patio heaters. Various health benefits such as improved circulation, relief from pain and swellings, etc. are ensured by them.

However, there are even certain disadvantages with quartz patio heaters. As they are considered to provide focused heat, if you move on through the patio then it is difficult to enjoy the heat. When you wish to provide heat for a larger patio area, then a single wall-mounted quartz patio heater is not sufficient. You may have to install more than one based on the size of the area. Though they are efficient, it is often necessary to check the status of the quartz bulbs used in the heater. They may have to be replaced for about two to three years. This knowledge on pros and cons of quartz patio heaters helps a lot to consider its purchase this winter.