Pros and Cons of Gas Convection Heaters

By | November 22, 2011

Gas convection heaters are one of the popular home heating options. Gas heaters which work on natural gas or propane work by either convection or radiation. Gas convection heaters using these energy sources heat up the air whereas, radiant models emit infrared radiation. Now, let’s have a glance on gas convection heaters and their pros and cons.

As said, gas convection heaters burn the natural gas or propane which helps in heating up the air. These heaters are considered to be energy-efficient home heating options. The total energy consumed is converted to heat. Most of the gas convection heaters have a large heating capacity when compared to electric space heaters.

However, it is necessary to consider the installation of fuel lines. This may rise your heating costs. Some of the gas convection heaters have fans which may be noisy. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the models which are less noisy. Safety and environmental considerations are the major disadvantages of gas convection heaters. This is because, they release harmful gases which may promote several health issues. It is necessary to ensure provision of proper ventilation systems which have to be checked frequently. The maintenance of gas convection heaters is also high. The fuel lines, moving parts like fans, etc. should be ensured in proper working conditions. Any issues with these elements should be solved immediately without negligence without which there are raised chances of dangers. They are much expensive than the electric heaters. However, by ensuring regular and effective maintenance of gas convection heaters, they provide effective heating. Considering these pros and cons and your preferences is very much important.