Comparison of Liquid and Pill Vitamin Supplements

By | October 21, 2011

Among the many different nutritional elements required for the body functioning, vitamins are one. Specific quantities of vitamins are essential for the right functioning. However, insufficient amounts of vitamins cause several diseases. Having vitamin supplements along with your diet is a perfect solution to get the sufficient amounts of vitamins. They are generally found as pill and liquid forms. Here is a comparison of these two forms of vitamin supplements.

Liquid vitamins, as the name suggests are in liquid forms. Whereas, pill vitamin supplements are in solid forms in the form of a capsule or a tablet. The liquid vitamin supplements can be absorbed immediately after consumed and there is no further break down of the supplements. However, the tablets or capsules of pill vitamin supplements should go inside the stomach first and then break down for further process. Even the absorption process in case of pill vitamin supplements only starts in small intestine. An acid present in the stomach dissolves the pill vitamin. It is then sent to small intestine where a major portion of absorption is seen and this is a very good consideration. However, this is not the case with liquid vitamins. A portion of the liquid vitamins may destroy in the stomach because of the acid and the remaining ones is absorbed only after reaching the small intestine.

Certain enzymes may be present in the vitamin supplements that are essential for various activities. Enzymes in the pill forms are stored in the solid form and hence, last for a long time. Whereas, the enzymes in liquid vitamins have a small life span. Another basic difference between pill and liquid vitamins is the ease of their uptake. People with stomach and mouth problems may feel it difficult to take the pill vitamins. On the other hand, liquid vitamins do not at all create any such problems and it is very simple to have them. While both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, both are used as vitamin supplements these days.