How are Contact Lenses Beneficial than Eye Glasses?

By | October 13, 2011

It’s obvious that many of us get confused between eyeglasses and contact lenses while selecting. Though both are considered to be available in affordable ranges, there are certain benefits of contact lenses over eyeglasses which allow many people to opt contacts. Go through to know how contact lenses are more beneficial than eyeglasses.

  • Contact lenses ensure natural vision as they are worn on the cornea of the eye. But when considering eyeglasses, there exists some distance between the eye and the glasses which may cause the objects to appear smaller or larger than their actual size. These issues are not at all seen in case of contact lenses.
  • Peripheral vision is the other major thing that is affected by eyeglasses. The frames of the glasses may block your side vision. This may result in a blurred or distorted vision. But, this effect is not seen in the peripheral vision with the use of contact lenses. They move along with your eyes and the entire field of view is in focus ensuring the right vision.
  • Contact lenses enable stable vision which is not possible with the eyeglasses. It is often difficult to get a clear and stable vision with eye glasses during movements while performing activities such as sports and running and they even tend to fall off. Contact lenses avoid these problems and ensures stable vision and the vision is not affected even by quick body movements.
  • It’s more comfortable to carry contact lenses when compared to eyeglasses. They are not associated with any sort of irritation like pinching of the nose, rubbing or pressing against the ears, sliding down the nose and so on which are linked to eyeglasses.
  • No detraction from your natural appearance is evident with contact lenses, whereas, glasses act as a detracting barrier between your eyes and the world.
  • Contact lenses are not affected by surrounding weather. They do not fog up with any change in temperature. But the eyeglasses easily fog up with temperature change. A comfortable and safe vision is assured with contact lenses even in rain. Whereas, the glasses get wet and result in blurred vision.

The above ones are some of the major advantages of contact lenses over eyeglasses. Considering these things, make a right choice and get a perfect vision aid.