Bulk Glow Sticks are Cheaper Than Regular Ones. Why?

By | October 24, 2011

When there is a huge celebration or a party or a normal get together especially during night times, people tend to go for bulk and wholesale glow sticks as they feel they are less expensive when compared to buying them in retail stores. There are obviously right since the bulk products are always less expensive when compared to the retail ones. There are few reasons for the bulk products to be available at pretty lower costs and these reasons might be enough for the people to believe that the bulk purchase is always the best thing to do when it comes to huge numbers.

The first good thing about bulk purchase is there will be no middle man in the deal and the chain of suppliers will gradually decrease. In case if we are buying it from the retailers there will be a huge chain of middle men who purchase goods from the factories and add their own profits to the price of the commodity. Then the product finally comes to the retailer with all the added prices and again the retailer will add few more bucks to his prices in order to get his own profits. Finally, the products come to you with the dump of profits and creates loss to your pocket. All these extra addition to the price will be avoided when you purchase things in bulk from the retailer who buys products directly from the company.

Moreover, if you want to purchase glow sticks from a local stall or retail outlet, the price for the services offered by the company will also get added to the price of the commodity and hence becomes huge. Hence it is always beneficial to buy glow sticks bulk from the direct online retailer.