What are the Differences Between Vacation Rentals and Hotels?

By | September 22, 2011

n room and make a right choice when planning to go for a vacation. One of the critical parts of vacation planning is to find a right accommodation. Vacation rentals and hotels are two common facilities among which you have to choose the one based on your needs. Though both provide place for stay at the vacation spot, they have many differences. Have a look on them.

The main difference between hotels and vacation rentals are that hotels are owned by a company whereas vacation rentals are owned by individuals. Hotels are always associated with crowds and you may even face disturbances from the service workers in addition. However, vacation rentals are always away from crowd. They are designed as individual setting providing more privacy. There is no issue of neighborhood noises and disturbances.

Vacation rentals and hotels even differ with respect to size and cost. Generally, vacation rentals provide more space at lesser cost when compared to hotels. A single room in hotel costs a lot and you will find it more expensive than a larger vacation housing rental room. So you can save much costs by preferring vacation rentals. They are more helpful in case of group vacations. Vacation rentals provide different rooms including living room, numerous bedrooms and kitchen. Therefore, vacation rentals offer you an opportunity to cook yourself which you cannot find in a hotel.

The other difference between them is that vacation rentals have no staff expenses like hotels. However, some of them offer outside services like cleaning, cooking, driver, etc. Find these differences between a hotel and a vacation.