Comparing Home Staging and Interior Decoration

By | September 26, 2011

Many people get confused between the terms home staging and interior decoration. Though both of them enhance the beauty of a property, they are quite different. Home staging includes certain processes which improve the value of the property in the real estate market. It includes cleaning, repairing and furnishing, painting, and even decoration. However, the décor of home staging is different from interior decoration.

Home staging promotes your property and enhances your buyers to see the full potential of your home. A professional home stager advises decluttering the area and accentuates the positive aspects of your home. Home stagers also are involved in decorating the house. However, they find the neutral standardized solutions for decoration. These are mostly suitable for most buyers. The colors, furniture and other accents are in a neutral fashion in home staging. However, interior decoration is different from this. Interior decoration is done according to the taste and desires of the home owners or buyers. Therefore, interior decoration is considered to reflect personal lifestyle and interests. The decorators give you suggestions regarding the wall colors, wallpaper, floor treatments, and so on.

Therefore, the main difference between home staging and interior decoration is that the look of the property remains neutral in home staging and the appeal of the home is defined by the owners design and interest in interior decoration. When planning to purchase a home, you will be seeing a property that is staged by a house stager. It highlights the potential of the property. Once you purchase the house, you can hire an interior decorator and turn its appeal in accordance with your style.