Know About Different Kinds of Wedding Favors

By | August 15, 2011

Offering party favors to the guests is a way of showing our gratitude for coming to our occasion and spending their most valuable time with us. The favor itself should reflect our warmth and pleasure towards them so that they feel happy about us. For little parties and celebrations, party favors are often overlooked since concentration in such parties will be on enjoyment. However, major celebrations like the wedding will be less of entertainment and more of formalities. In such cases let us see what all can be used as party favors.

In general there are two kinds of wedding favors. One is edible things and the other are non edible things. If you are patient enough you buy combination of them and can use them for different kinds of guests especially for adults and children. It always looks wonderful to use transparent boxes for wedding favors since the edible favors like the chocolates and nuts look extremely beautiful on that evening.

When the couple has decided to offer party favors combined then it is a good idea of inscribing their names on the containers in which they offer favors so that the moment or the occasion lives longer along with the container. You can use a huge variety of chocolates and candies in these containers or some almonds and other nuts to make them more interesting.

Scented candles are another beautiful option to be used as party favor. You can place this candle in a container and can inscribe couples name on the lid of the container. Wine glasses are also good party favors which lasts long and makes the guests remember the occasion every time they are having wine.

Even though we have many options these days couple are going for unique options using their innovation and creativity. Any favors which are offered with a sense of gratitude remains forever in the guests mind.