Comparing Glow Sticks and Flashlights

By | August 4, 2011

Flashlights are the common light sources that come into our mind for general as well as emergency purposes. However, glow sticks are the other things which serve as the best alternative sources of light. Most of us think that they are only useful for entertainment and recreational purposes. But, they have got many other uses for emergency and safety.

The major difference between glow sticks and flashlights is that glow sticks are chemiluminescent and flashlights are electroluminiscent. Flash lights are more useful than glow sticks for tasks like sewing, reading and so on. However, glow sticks are preferable to flashlights during emergency conditions. During mishaps and emergencies, the light sources should be in such a way that they are easy to carry and handle. Glow sticks are very light in weight when compared to flashlights. So, it is better to carry a bag of glow sticks for camping or emergencies or any other outdoor activities. Also, they are easy to handle.

Glow sticks are also wind and water-proof and can be used in extreme weather conditions. The other thing to be considered when comparing flashlights and glow sticks is the need of batteries. The light from flashlights, as said, is through electricity. So, they need batteries for charging. However, glow sticks give out a cool glow because of a chemical reaction without any requirement of batteries. So, there is no need to worry about having batteries when using them for any outdoor activities. But, in case of flashlights, you may have fear of running out of the batteries. However, both of them have their own uses.