Why Day Trading is Difficult?

By | August 18, 2011

In the day trading, the losses and profits occur in a very short period of time. Never feel nervous to see the short term results in day trading. The ego mindset of the trader is a reason for getting negative results in day trading. The traders cannot perform well with a disturbed mind. The day trading process has limited period of time, which is also one of the reasons for getting stress.

Some reasons that make day trading difficult are:

  • day trading process has the compressed time, it is difficult to take a right decision for getting good sources
  • traders must develop good psychology, otherwise they have the chances of getting negative results
  • day trading is impacted by the trading at higher time frame and the shorter time frame

The traders perform according to their analysis in day trading. Day trading requires decision making based on the sound judgment and analysis of the day trading. New traders have lot of enthusiasm to participate in day trading, but they become emotional while choosing trading options.

Comparing day trading to the position trading, it is easy to see the position with available higher time frames in position trading. The time frames are hour time frame, day time frame, weekly and monthly time frame charts. The success of day trading depends upon your psychology, knowledge and trading skills.