Glow Sticks: Are they Dangerous

By | July 6, 2011

Now a days we can hardly find parties with out glow sticks. That is no party being celebrated without glow sticks. It is so popular in the developed countries that every small occasion includes the glow stick usage. If it is that popular it is better for the people to know about the safety of the product. Many people are still in the confusion whether glow sticks are dangerous or not. Let us have a quick look on different things and at the end it is your turn to decide whether they are dangerous or not.

  • Glow stick becomes dangerous when it is ingested. Since it contains some chemicals see to it that the chemicals are not consumed. Even though the chemicals used in glow stick are non toxic and less powerful than many of the detergents used in our home they still cause some adverse effects when taken orally.
  • If the liquid inside the glow stick is spilled out it may cause some allergic reactions, skin irritation and swellings.
  • The chemicals leave stains on your clothes when not washed immediately after spilling.
  • Since children have the tendency to put every thing in their mouth, it is dangerous to them if they bite the glow sticks. Even pets do the same. So it is always better to put such things away from both of them.
  • More controversy exists in the usage of glow sticks because it is not environmental friendly. The plastic once used for glow sticks is not recyclable and it takes years and years to decompose.
  • The chemicals when spilled also cause some damage to the environment.
  • Somebody say that their eyes are more sensitive to the light emitted by glow sticks.

So, from the above statements it is quiet clear that glow sticks are safe enough if we play a safe game with them. If you do some thing worse with them they will show dangerous effects is the bottom line.