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Is Yoga Similar to Exercise?

Yoga is an ancient form of art which is used to calm down your body and soul using different body postures called Asanas. Even though it involves some physical activity it is no way related to doing exercise. The benefits evolved by doing exercise are different from those which are attained by yoga. More over yoga does not need that much of hard work and physical stress which we used to do in our regular work out.

Following are some of the points which differentiate Yoga from the regular exercise.

  • In Yoga, challenge is to your will power, whereas in Exercise, challenge is to your physical power.
  • The energy is evenly balanced between the body and the mind in Yoga, whereas, in exercise it is utilized for doing regular work outs.
  • You enter the mental gym when you practice yoga, while exercise concentrates on the particular parts of the body and is nothing there in exercise which is related to mind.
  • You can feel pain and the condition of fatigue after doing work out but after doing yoga you feel that a sense of rejuvenation follows you.
  • The rate of respiration is controlled in yogic exercise whereas in physical exercise it is very high.
  • Yoga helps in creating inner awareness while the exercise do not provide such facilities.
  • Exercise keeps your body fit but the yogic exercises keeps both of your body and mind in a proper condition.
  • Toxins build up while doing exercise but by practicing yoga you can build the power to overcome the toxins.
  • The heart over works by doing hard physical activity which increases the pulse rate and the blood pressure where as in yogic exercise heart functions normally.
  • Regular exercise makes the body stronger and less flexible, whereas, yoga strengthens the body by toning the muscles and creates longer, leaner muscles due to stretching, thus providing stronger and more flexible body.

The theme behind the above differences does not show that exercise is bad and yoga is good. It is just in order to clarify the differences between them. However regular exercise and yoga both are helpful to lead happy and healthy life, but still yoga is a life support system which makes your body stronger as well as your brain calmer.

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How is Online Yoga Helpful

With the advent of technology we are able to do many things comfortably sitting at home through Internet. Many online courses are evolved which help us to learn many things with out going out. Similarly online yoga is also introduced which helps the people all over to learn yoga easily with out attending any regular yoga classes. With the advent of internet these services became popular.

To cater to the needs of many people who are busy in their regular jobs and who don’t even find time to go out to learn yoga, and for some who don’t have good yoga trainers, Online yoga is very helpful. It takes a very less effort to find a reputed site and to join as a member,. A simple registration process is enough to become a member and you can experience the world of yoga with different high definition videos and articles.

Before joining in any website to learn yoga it is important to check out different services and to choose the best. Always go for the websites which offer their services 24/7. Another important thing is the customer service it should be well and the quality of the services should be high. After checking the services it is time to check the cost. Compare it with other services and if you think they were beneficial then only join them.

It is also important to choose the yoga which suits your problem. There are different levels in yoga which varies from beginners to the experts. If you are a beginner and want to try every thing new it is better for you to choose a beginners program since they involve starting techniques and effortless exercises till you get used to it. If you are an expert and want to learn more yoga techniques it is good if you go with the kind of yoga you want to learn.

Schedule yourself and plan according to it. But once you schedule your class to a particular time it is better if you stick to it. Advantages of learning yoga at home is you can learn it at your own place and practice at your own speed. You can do it more comfortably than at any other place. Be honest in your practice and do it regularly then only you can achieve positive results.

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Know the Pros and Cons of Artificial Landscape Boulders

Many home owners intend to use different landscaping ideas to elevate the beauty of their home. Landscaping with rocks gives an exotic look to any garden area. Rock landscaping can include anything from using rocks to make the garden attractive and beautiful.

Large rocks or boulders are placed as a part of rock landscaping and they give a stunning effect. They are impressive. At the same time, they are very heavy. They are not even found in all areas. In order to avoid these issues, artificial landscape boulders or rocks are being used these days. They too bring beauty to the home landscape like natural ones. However, before choosing to opt for artificial boulders, go through their pros and cons.

Pros of artificial landscape boulders

  • Using artificial boulders is a cost-effective solution. Compared to the natural rocks, the cost of artificial landscape boulders is very less. So, they are the perfect means for your low-cost landscaping budget.
  • Unlike natural ones, they are much light in weight. Because of this feature, they can be moved easily. You can shift their place from one location to other in the garden whenever you want.
  • They can be molded into any shape and design so that they suit your garden landscaping and theme.

Cons of artificial landscape boulders

In spite of the above benefits, they have certain disadvantages.

  • Though they resemble the natural rocks, they can never exactly mimic the look of real boulders even after the reproduction or design changes.
  • You cannot get the permanency of the real boulders with artificial landscape boulders. This is because, they have less longevity. Natural rocks or boulders can last for millions of years.
  • They cannot compete with the natural stone in strength. The toughest artificial boulders may be broken. They are also prone to discoloration.

Keep in mind the above pros and cons of artificial landscape boulders and make a right choice for your rock landscaping.

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Why Should You Use Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Enjoying in natural environments has become very difficult in today’s busy lifestyle. However, there is one way to experience the natural pleasure simply by developing your home garden. Different ideas of landscaping make your garden or backyard or lawn more beautiful. But it may be difficult to enjoy the greenery during evenings and at night. But, this can be made possible with elegant landscape lighting. It can be around your swimming pool, around the rock garden, around water fountains or at the center of your lawn.

Use of low voltage lighting is much helpful as well as beneficial for lighting your landscape areas. Low voltage lighting provides a sort of safety around the home. It reduces the chances of skips and falls when walking along the yard or garden. It also provides a level of security to the residence. When you leave the areas with lighting during the evening hours, it reduces the chances of any property crimes and protects the home.

Though the purpose of providing lighting in the landscape areas is for effective visibility in the dark, the main aim is to enhance their beauty. It is mostly a luxury addition to your home and not a mandatory factor. Therefore, it is enough just to use low voltage lighting instead of the standard ones. It is always better to make it as environmental friendly as possible. You can use low voltage lights of different shapes and colors. Place them at right positions to provide ambiance to the garden. So, a landscape area provides you an additional space of enjoyment even in dark with the elegant low voltage landscape lighting.

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Understanding Convection Oven vs Microwave Oven

Microwave oven emits high frequency electromagnetic waves also called as microwaves which produces heat and this heat is used for cooking the food in the microwave oven. List of the food items which can be prepared by using microwave oven includes cakes, baked goodies, meat and casseroles. Convection oven uses a fan to circulate the heat evenly and with this the food items can be placed randomly in the cooking area.

Though there are similarities between these two types, there are also some differences which are discussed below:

There are five types of microwave ovens which includes over the range, convection, built in, commercial and counter top microwaves. There are two basic types of convection ovens which includes third element convection ovens and European convection ovens.

Machine Configuration:
In a convection oven, heat is evenly circulated by the fan and the cooking pot can be placed in any area of the oven. In contrary to this, a microwave oven contains two heating elements, one at the bottom of the unit for heating and another at the upper portion for broiling and the cooking pot should be placed at the center of the oven.

Food warms faster in a convection oven than in a microwave oven because of the moving air which strips away any cold air around the food. Convection ovens operate at a lower temperature than conventional ovens because of the quick moving hot air.

A microwave’s radiation heats water and other polarized molecules within the food placed inside the appliance. Microwaves are capable of thoroughly heating foods without necessarily cooking them.

Cooking Method:
In the convection ovens cooking is done by the transfer of heat with the help of the circulating fan. Whereas, in case of microwave oven, food is cooked from the radiated heat released by the heating systems.

Both these types of ovens have different types of benefits, microwave oven can heat the leftovers or other cold food, whereas the convection types can be used to cook meat and similar food in half the time as traditional ovens and the food is cooked at lower temperatures.

Considering all the above parameters, one can select if convection oven or microwave oven is suitable to them or not.

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