Know About the Types of Taxis Available in USA?

By | June 6, 2011

Taxis or vehicles provide transportation for different people who travel from one location to another location for various purposes such as studying, business meetings and picnics. In the United States, most people have their own vehicle. Irrespective of having a car or not having a car, many people in USA prefer to use taxis for their day-to-day transportation. There are many types of taxis available in the United States. They are:

  1. Conventional taxis
  2. Private taxis
  3. Water taxis
  4. Airport shuttles
  5. Para transit
  6. Limo service

Conventional taxis are the taxis (both yellow and white taxi) with an illuminated sign on the roof of the taxi. These taxis have meters to charge a customer for delivering them from specific source to destination. Most people travel in these taxis to their respective destinations.

Private taxis or the car services are same as conventional taxis but the difference is that these are prearranged or booked in advance by the companies. These taxis are provided by the companies.

Water taxis are operated in some places where waterways cut through populated areas. These taxis are used for the sightseeing. Water taxis accommodate only people. In these areas cars are not allowed.

Airport shuttles are also taxis which take passengers to and from a local airport. Nearer to the airport, most airport shuttles are operated.

Para transit vehicles are used to pick and drop the disabled persons. These vehicles can be buses or vans that can easily accommodate wheelchairs.

Limo services are special types of private taxis used for weddings, proms, funerals and other special events. These vehicles have facilities like refrigerators and televisions etc.

There are many types of taxis available, each one designed for specific purposes making the transportation easy for public to travel whenever they want and to wherever they want.