Different Types of Dental Braces for Your Kids

By | June 20, 2011

There are different types of solutions for various dental problems. Among them, dental braces are used to correct different oral problems. They solve problems like extra space between the teeth, crowded teeth, crooked teeth and so on. You often see some children facing malocclusion, having an underbite or an overbite because of the differences in size of the jaws. Dental braces are the best for children having these problems. Different types of dental braces are used for kids.

Lingual Braces
Generally dental braces are kept infront of the teeth. But, these lingual braces are kept behind the teeth and hence are not visible to others. They are more expensive than the normal ones. They have to be arranged by professional orthodontists. Also, it takes time for kids to get used to them. There may be an alteration in their speech. At initial stages, they may suffer some symptoms like soreness of tongue because of the rubber against the brackets placed on the back of the teeth. However, they can be coated with waxes to reduce this effect.

Labial Braces
These are the conventional braces fitted outside the teeth. Ceramic and metal braces come under this type of braces. Metal braces are durable and effective. They are available in colors of silver, gold and others. Ceramic or porcelain braces are more tooth-colored and therefore, they are less visible than the metal braces. However, the wires used for these braces are metal.

Invisalign Braces
Invisalign braces are clear and removable braces which are made of thin plastic. The benefits of these braces are that they are invisible, do not impact the speech and do not cause soreness. They are more expensive than the other types.

Any of these types of dental braces can be used for your kids to clear their dental problems. However, get an advice from your dentist before selecting one.