Hair Drug Tests Vs Urine Drug Tests

By | June 5, 2011

There are many different methods that can be used to detect the use of drugs. Costs of the methods used to test the presence of drugs also vary, some methods are relatively cheap and some are very expensive. Hair and the urine drug tests are the two types of tests that are most commonly used for detecting the presence of drugs.

Hair testing has recently become a popular method for drug testing. Hair testing can detect drugs that have been taken six months back. About 50 strands of hair are necessary which should be obtained from the crown of the head of the drug user for conducting the hair drug tests. One of the advantage of the hair testing is that, this test can detect the drugs that have taken months ago by the person undergoing the test. Collecting the hair is simple procedure and it is not invasive. Hair testings for the drugs can be produced as an evidence in the law of courts. But the major disadvantage of hair test is that it is expensive and it can cost up to $150.

In the urine drug tests, the urine of the addicted person is taken as sample for testing for presence of the drugs in the body. Urinalysis is the most common drug test used by federally mandated drug testing programs. One of the advantage of urine drug test is that it is the simplest and least expensive drug testing technique. This technique is very accurate and can be conducted at the home. This is also most reliable test for determining the drugs. Disadvantage of urine test is that, these tests do not test for drugs that have been taken close to the time of testing.

The above details clearly explain the differences between the saliva and urine drug tests.