Which Toys are Better-Wooden or Plastic Ones?

By | May 17, 2011

Purchasing toys for toys can be a bit difficult and even confusing. There are many kinds of toys among which wooden and plastic ones are more common. But which ones are better to purchase? If you too are in a confusion like many people, then proceed further.

When comparing the plastic and wooden toys, plastic ones are purchased more often. However, some parents are also willing to purchase wooden toys. Some people often consider that plastic is not safe to use. They are also mostly painted. It is better to avoid purchasing plastic toys for very small children because they keep everything they get in their mouth. This cannot be a safe feature. However, you can purchase plastic toys for older children.

Wooden ones are made of natural materials and hence are safe. Also wooden ones are more durable than plastic toys. The plastic toys are light in weight but may be broken with continuous and hard use. Children may throw toys during playing and so they are more prone to damages often. Ensure that hard and good quality toys are purchased for your kids. When considering the environment while purchasing toys, it is good to prefer wooden ones. However, when you consider the resilience and robustness of the material, both wood and plastic are good. However, it also depends on the toy. Plastic toys are available in different shapes and colors and are more attractive than the wooden ones. However, these days wooden toys are also manufactured in different models and are made attractive for kids.

Though plastic toys are cheaper than the wooden toys, people are preferring to purchase wooden ones for their kids.