Comparing Traditional Nanny Agencies and Online Nanny Services

By | May 25, 2011

When you consider to have a nanny for your childcare, you have many options. You can search your nanny on your own through some personal references. The other two methods for finding a good nanny are the traditional nanny agencies and online nanny services. Here are some features and comparisons of both of them.

You need to approach the traditional nanny agency in order to discuss the details and roles that your nanny should do. According to your needs, the agency finds candidates and selects the one who is best suitable. However, through online nanny services, there is no need to go anywhere. You can simply sit in your home and give the list of preferences for your nanny to the agency.

Both the traditional and online nanny services conduct interviews for the candidates. Through the approach of a traditional nanny agency you can meet the candidate in person and also conduct the interview on your own which is not possible through an online nanny service. However, if you wish to have an interview on your own, you can conduct it.

It is very difficult to find the right candidate from a particular locality through the traditional nanny agency. Where as through online nanny services, you can get the list of candidates form a wide range of locations. It is easy to screen from such large group of candidates. The traditional nanny agencies conduct the background checks on potential nannies. However, only some online nanny services check the nannies. So it is to be ensured that the nannies are properly screened and checked when hiring from an online nanny service. Most people prefer the online nanny agencies as they are affordable. If you are able to utilize the time and resources available for the nanny hiring process, then using an online nanny service is more economical and efficient.