Importance of Slip-resistant Bathroom Tiles

By | May 28, 2011

It is really boring and frustrating to use a bathroom that has got many repairs and lost its beautiful look. A bathroom renovation is essential to make it unique and functional. Among many plans of bathroom renovation, adding qualified tiles to the flooring is important. As you know, among many types of flooring, tiles are used commonly for bathrooms. They are found in different colors, textures and patterns. You can create your own designs with different combinations of tile colors. However, apart from the appearance, it is necessary that they are safe and secure.

Bathroom tiles should be slip-resistant. They should be waterproof and should not retain water. In order to prevent falls and keep areas of the home, prone to moisture safe, you need to ensure that the floor includes slip-resistant tiles. Tiles made of different kinds of materials are not slippery and some of them are given here.

Natural stone tiles including polished marble, honed limestone or slate are slip-resistant because of the specific feature of porosity. Millions of tiny holes are present on the surface of these tiles which ensure a slip-resistant floor by grabbing or holding the wet and bare foot placed on the tile’s surface. It is required for some stone tiles to have sealing with impregnated sealers. In order to avoid slippery, it is good to add silicone based impregnating sealers.

Even mosaic tiles have multiple grout lines which grid the surface of the floor and hence, are slip-resistant. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are mostly glazed and are more slippery. Sealing porcelain tiles with proper sealers, like in the case of natural stone tiles, make them resistant to slippery. Some people even add glass tiles to the bathroom. Textured glass tiles having a frosted or sand blasted surface are more slip-resistant than the polished glass tiles. Special coating of sealers to the glass tiles increases their slip-resistant factor. So, whatever the model of tiles you use, make sure that they avoid slippery to ensure your safety.