Comparing Childcare at Home and Childcare at Daycare Center

By | May 10, 2011

Everyone of us wish to take utmost care for our child. However, because of many situations there is very little possibility of providing the childcare. There are situations where parents need to go out for work leaving the children alone. It is common that they find the alternative choices for providing the best care for their kids. Care centers including in-home care centers and daycare centers are the most common options for childcare. Some people set up a childcare business at their home and look after the kids. Whereas daycare centers are specific centers or places where a group of children are taken care under specific regulations. There are some differences between the care taken by both of them.

  • It is necessary for one to have a license to set up a daycare center. However, a in-home daycare does not have license for childcare in general. So all the top requirements are seen in a daycare center.
  • Standard policies and facilities are associated with daycare centers. They help in providing the care for kids effectively. Specific curriculum activities are also involved in childcare at daycare centers. But, an in-home daycare may or may not involve the standard conditions for childcare.
  • A daycare center has staff who are highly qualified and professional. They provide the best care for kids. They are also specifically trained in first-aid or CPR. So you also can assure safety. In-home care may or may not involve certified staff.
  • However, in-home daycare may provide the home environment for the kid and may not get child worried. But some children may panic to stay in a daycare center.

Both in-home daycare and care at daycare centers have their own benefits. However, you can choose one based on your needs.