Know How Glass Conservatory Roofing is Better Than Plastic Roofing

By | May 5, 2011

Conservatories are getting more popular in recent years. They are offering many benefits to the home owners. Most of the conservatories are build by using glass or plastic roof. But many experienced professional say that “ a glass conservatory roofing is much more better than the plastic roofing”, as there are many benefits by using glass roofing which may not be provided by the plastic roofing. They are:

  1. The main advantage of using glass roofing is that it is thermally efficient. The main feature of the glass used to make the conservatory roof is that it reacts with the sunlight in such way to keep the conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter.
  2. The glass roof provides great sound insulation. Glass roof reduces the noise which is coming from outside.
  3. The glass it self has self cleaning. The self cleaning of glass roofing is another benefit. In cases of rainfall, the marks of the droplets on glass roof can be eliminated totally as the glass roof is coated with some chemicals, that works with the droplets, eliminating them completely.
  4. Glass roof will protect you and your family from skin related health problems, which may be caused by the UV rays of sunlight. A glass roof can avoid the UV rays inside the conservatory. Mostly glasses filter out the radiation rays which are harmful for the human beings.

These are the main benefits which are provided by glass roof, and these type of protective features are not provided by the plastic roofing