Know About Legal vs Illegal Drugs

By | April 24, 2011

Legal drugs are the drugs that can be bought over the counter and it is also permitted by the Government to sell them over the counter. Medicines are one of the legal drugs and these drugs do not show any negative effects on the human body instead they are prescribed by the doctors to cure the diseases. They can show dangerous effects on the body if they are used in excess. The other legal drugs that can be purchased over the counter are cigarette and alcohol. These two drugs can cause life threatening effects on the people who abuse them. Nicotine persists in the body up to six to eight hours after smoking and nicotine affects the mood and performance and is the source of addiction to tobacco. Alcohol effects central nervous system and reduces anxiety, inhibition, and feelings of guilt. Alcohol addiction also damages the brain, liver, heart, and other organs in the body.

Illegal drugs are the chemicals that a person is not allowed by the law to have them. The drugs which are considered as legal and illegal drugs varies from country to country. If a person is caught with illegal drugs, they may be punished. Most people use illegal drugs to get away from the stress and peer pressure, mental conditions like depression and anxiety, physical pain, lack of family relationships also causes individuals to abuse drugs. This class of drugs includes narcotics, marijuana, inhalants, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, ecstasy, opiates, anabolic steroids etc. Main effects of the above said drugs is on the brain and they alter the the areas of the brain responsible for self control, judgment, emotional regulation, motivation, memory, and learning. Heavy doses of these drugs may cause irregular heartbeats, and it may increase the blood pressure, heart attacks, and other heart damages. Other key functional organs like liver, kidney and lungs also gets effected. Drug abuse also effects the family and other relations