Custom Glow Sticks used for Business Promotions

By | April 18, 2011

A business attains its success with satisfactory customers. However, marketing is the essential part of the business for attracting clients or customers. Newspapers, radio, TV and online advertisements are the different traditional marketing methods. There is a new and innovative way to market or promote your business using glow sticks.

A glow stick is a plastic tube having two chemical substances that on reaction produce light. There are various types of glow products like glow necklaces, glow badges, glow bracelets that serve as the promotional products. Imprinting the business logo, trade marks, trade names and others on glow sticks called custom glow sticks is an attractive and new way of marketing. You can distribute them at trade shows, new product launching shows and presentations.

It is very hard to catch the ads on journals, magazines, and TV. However, custom glow sticks are entertaining and natural attention catching. An instant and strong impression can be created by a custom glow stick on people. A glow stick comes in eight colors with a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. So you can make use of any of these glow sticks and turn them to your specifications as they are much flexible. Glow necklaces and bracelets are the common items that are worn on necks and wrists. Glow necklaces are about 22” long and glow bracelets are 8” long. You can combine them in different combinations with help of connectors to create the logo or brand of your company. By placing such feature at trade shows grabs the attention of people. Hence, glow sticks can have unique purposes providing much benefits.