Things to Consider While Planning for Church Wedding Venue

By | April 25, 2011

Many people want to celebrate their wedding in a traditional way, so that they mostly choose church for their traditional wedding. But while you are planning for church wedding venue, you need to consider many things to make your wedding successful. Church it self is a most beautiful and peaceful place. When someone enters into the church surrounding, they get relaxed. A church wedding is unique and leaves some special identity in the minds of your guests. But the church wedding is very sensitive venue, you need to plan with much care and attention. The church wedding involves so many rules and regulations. You need to follow all the rules and regulations. The main things that you need to consider while planning for church wedding are

  • First and most important things is talk with church administrator about your wedding plan. Get the permission from them to celebrate your wedding in church.
  • When you have planned for a church wedding you need select the traditional dresses which are suitable for the traditional weddings.
  • You should carefully understand the rules of church. Ensure you will not over cross the rules which are laid down by the administrator.
  • Know about the decoration details, which type of decoration is allowed and which is not. Some churches allow any type of decoration, but it should be in relation to the tradition. Some churches are already decorated with few things, in this type of churches you need not do any decoration.
  • Check the rules, is out side wedding music allowed or not? Some churches restrict the outside music, they have their own musical system with traditional songs.
  • Check which type of food is allowed inside the church. Few churches do not allow food session program inside, even if they give permission that should be restricted to few type of dishes only. Ensure this facility is there or not.

Since church is a religious place, it results in a very different feel getting married over there. But care should be taken that, all the other wedding procedures are in accordance with rules of church.