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Know about the Beach Wedding

Beach wedding is an outdoor wedding plan. The beach wedding provides a romantic, joyful and pleasurable environment for your wedding. Beach wedding are becoming more popular in recent days. Some reports indicate that more than the 20% of all weddings are held in beach areas.
Beach wedding does not require much decoration, naturally beach gives some special attraction. You need to highlight the wedding venue by spending much on decorative items.

When you are planning for a beach wedding you need to choose some special dress which matches with the beach wedding theme. Generally coats suit for the beach wedding.

Beach wedding decoration is less expensive, you may also use seashells, starfish and other natural things that will reflect your beach wedding theme. But to arrange seating facility is quite difficult in beach wedding. Beach has so much of sand which will not give flexibility to make seating for the guests.

For beach wedding you need to choose ideal food menu that matches to the beach locations. Do not choose much cold and hot food items, because it is not possible to serve those item with sufficient hot or cold.

For beach wedding you have to choose a good sound system, as in beach areas there is much wind noise due to water fluctuations.

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Know How to Decorate Your Wedding Reception Table in Different Ways

Wedding table decoration will leave an good impression in the minds of your guests. Tables are one of the most important furniture in wedding to decorate. Wedding reception table decor should match with the wedding theme. Many people place the centerpiece on the reception table to give attraction. Put your little creative ideas to make table decoration more elegant. Most beautiful table decoration leaves special identity in the minds of guests. Here are few ideas to decorate the table for reception.

It should represent your wedding theme
Decorate your wedding reception tables with cloths that represents your wedding color and theme. Use different color cloths for different tables, but all should be according to your wedding theme.

Use wedding bells and hearts
Use the wedding bells and hearts shapes to make table decoration. Wedding bells and hearts are common things in table decoration. Use different types of bells that are made in different dimensions and place the hearts on the table. Generally heart shape represents a true love. This will give a good feeling to your guests.

Use candles
Place the candle on the table in different styles and shapes on every table. You may also try the candle light dinner by dimming the light in the hall. The candle light dinner gives some extra happiness to your guests. But use minimum light focus to serve, without light it is difficult to serve.

Name the tables
Name the tables of your wedding reception. Name the table using movies name, flowers name and wonders name. Naming the table is different aspect and increase your guests happiness. They select their favorite name table among all the tables.

Use small plants
Select few small plants and put it on the middle of the table this will give nice look for the table. But do not use big plants, if you use such type of plants they give some uncomfortable feeling to your guests.

With all the above different ideas and adding few ideas of your own, you can make your reception memorable to you and your guests too.

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Things to Consider While Planning for Church Wedding Venue

Many people want to celebrate their wedding in a traditional way, so that they mostly choose church for their traditional wedding. But while you are planning for church wedding venue, you need to consider many things to make your wedding successful. Church it self is a most beautiful and peaceful place. When someone enters into the church surrounding, they get relaxed. A church wedding is unique and leaves some special identity in the minds of your guests. But the church wedding is very sensitive venue, you need to plan with much care and attention. The church wedding involves so many rules and regulations. You need to follow all the rules and regulations. The main things that you need to consider while planning for church wedding are

  • First and most important things is talk with church administrator about your wedding plan. Get the permission from them to celebrate your wedding in church.
  • When you have planned for a church wedding you need select the traditional dresses which are suitable for the traditional weddings.
  • You should carefully understand the rules of church. Ensure you will not over cross the rules which are laid down by the administrator.
  • Know about the decoration details, which type of decoration is allowed and which is not. Some churches allow any type of decoration, but it should be in relation to the tradition. Some churches are already decorated with few things, in this type of churches you need not do any decoration.
  • Check the rules, is out side wedding music allowed or not? Some churches restrict the outside music, they have their own musical system with traditional songs.
  • Check which type of food is allowed inside the church. Few churches do not allow food session program inside, even if they give permission that should be restricted to few type of dishes only. Ensure this facility is there or not.

Since church is a religious place, it results in a very different feel getting married over there. But care should be taken that, all the other wedding procedures are in accordance with rules of church.

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Know About Legal vs Illegal Drugs

Legal drugs are the drugs that can be bought over the counter and it is also permitted by the Government to sell them over the counter. Medicines are one of the legal drugs and these drugs do not show any negative effects on the human body instead they are prescribed by the doctors to cure the diseases. They can show dangerous effects on the body if they are used in excess. The other legal drugs that can be purchased over the counter are cigarette and alcohol. These two drugs can cause life threatening effects on the people who abuse them. Nicotine persists in the body up to six to eight hours after smoking and nicotine affects the mood and performance and is the source of addiction to tobacco. Alcohol effects central nervous system and reduces anxiety, inhibition, and feelings of guilt. Alcohol addiction also damages the brain, liver, heart, and other organs in the body.

Illegal drugs are the chemicals that a person is not allowed by the law to have them. The drugs which are considered as legal and illegal drugs varies from country to country. If a person is caught with illegal drugs, they may be punished. Most people use illegal drugs to get away from the stress and peer pressure, mental conditions like depression and anxiety, physical pain, lack of family relationships also causes individuals to abuse drugs. This class of drugs includes narcotics, marijuana, inhalants, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, ecstasy, opiates, anabolic steroids etc. Main effects of the above said drugs is on the brain and they alter the the areas of the brain responsible for self control, judgment, emotional regulation, motivation, memory, and learning. Heavy doses of these drugs may cause irregular heartbeats, and it may increase the blood pressure, heart attacks, and other heart damages. Other key functional organs like liver, kidney and lungs also gets effected. Drug abuse also effects the family and other relations

How to Make Good Wedding Decoration in a Church

Planning for a church wedding is a very traditional form of wedding. Many times people want to celebrate their wedding ceremony in church. The church it self is a most beautiful and peaceful location. When someone enters into the church surroundings, the person can feel the peace in the environment. Church wedding should be unique, so that guests remember it for a lifetime. Church wedding decoration is mostly based on adding pearls, lace, beads, crystals, candles, fresh flowers and dry flowers to enhance the purity of the location. However it should be remembered that the church is a place of worship and the sanctity and purity of the atmosphere, should not be disturbed.

If you are planning for a church wedding, apply a bit of your knowledge and imagination. While you are planning for church decoration, you need to consider the places you want to decorate, like aisle, pew, alter, ceiling, centerpiece, and entry as well as door decorations. Before you are planning for a church wedding decoration , you should consult the administrator of the church to know about what is allowed and what is not. Some church allows all the decorative items but some have restrictions. Also remember to get the permission for decoration.

Here are few things to make a beautiful decoration in a church for your wedding.

  1. First you should take a photograph of the space inside church, and give it to your vendors . With this photograph they get an idea as to how to make their arrangements. With this you can also know how much decoration is needed for the wedding.
  1. Decorate the entry and exist of the church. To design it beautifully you should use fresh flowers, paper flowers and an arch in entrance.
  2. Decorate the doors and windows by using beautiful decoration cloths and bows to look beautiful.
  3. If you would like to have aisle runner in your wedding. Use a colorful ceiling cloth to cover the aisle.
  4. Put the candles before the church in front of the couple. Some people believe that the couple lighting a unity candle or the person performing the ceremony should light them.
  5. Place the centerpiece in church.
  6. Place the flowers at ends of the aisle to make your aisle run most beautiful.

With all the above tips one can make their church wedding more beautiful.

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